Specimen Carp fishing at Greenhill Fishery, Dalbeattie, Dumfries & Galloway

Our specimen pond carp syndicate is currently fully subscribed. 

Estate Pool at 2 acres is our specimen carp lake. Tree lined, with a small copse of Alder running along half the bank. A quiet, secluded and picturesque water.

With a head of approx 50-60 fish to low twenties the water has 7 swims (max of 4 anglers at anyone time). With depths ranging from 4 - 7ft, even though the water is dark and peaty in the right conditions zigs and floater fishing can be effective tactics.

Joining Syndicate

If you are interested in joining please email us and we'll send you details on the joining process.

Annual memberships are available at £250 per season which runs 1st May to 30th April, but to apply you will need to come and meet us, fish a day session so we can discuss your fishing experience, ensure you have the correct tackle and understand your approach to fishing a small water for carp.

Please check the rules section below - these are designed to safeguard the fish, fishery and provide a safe and enjoyable environment.

 info@greenhillfishery.co.uk for more details.


Rules & minimum tackle requirements:

42inch landing net

Bite alarms

Large padded unhooking mat/cradle

15lb mainline (no braid except hook lengths)

Fish antiseptic /health gel

1. All nets, slings & unhooking mats must be dipped & rinsed - every trip

2. Barbless or microbarb hooks only

3. Park only in designated areas - no vehicle movements between 10:30pm and 7am

4. Take all litter home, including cigarette butts.

5. No BBQ's or fires

6. No spodding (bait boats can be used in the confines of your own swim)

8. You must have and use a 42" landing net & a large padded unhooking mat or ideally a carp cradle (we check these).

9. Only pre-prepared nuts from the shop permitted.

10. No anglers under age of 14 years.

11. Minimum line 15lb breaking strain. No braided mainline.

12. No fixed leads or lead core leader

13. Anglers must be by their rods at all times

14. Non fishing guests not permitted.

15. No Dogs

16. All session bookings for non members must be made in advance text 07814501214 for availability